Custom Kitchen Remodeling

West Remodeling Inc designs and builds custom high-quality kitchens to bring your kitchen remodeling ideas to life. With over 30 years of experience, Rick and his team of architects, designers, and industry specialists will work with you to give you the kitchen you've always dreamed of. After your initial consultation, West Remodeling works with you to design your ideal kitchen within your budget and timeline. Our full-service approach means that we take you to industry showrooms to select every material and finish you will need for your kitchen and walk you through the difficult decisions that arise in every remodel. Choosing West Remodeling means that you can rest assured that your dream kitchen will come to life. 



  • Comprehensive Design Consultations
  • Space Planning
  • Cost and Budget Management
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinetry 
  • Full Service Material and Finish Selection
    • fittings
    • fixtures
    • cabinetry
    • appliances
    • lighting
    • flooring
    • tile
    • stone
    • paint
  • Thorough Client Communication
  • Client Satisfaction

Recent Kitchen Projects